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December 8, 2020 c689fa20-4bc5-42c3-9a15-1d7cd539be46

Chescombe Trust are pleased to announce that they will be  taking delivery of a designated visitor pod on 02/12/2020.

These pods are  constructed on site and take up to 8 hours to complete .

The pod  will allow us to conduct COVID safe family visits which are especially important in the build up the Xmas and New Year.

We will keep you  posted with developments!

Dear friends and family,

We are nearing the end of our recovery period following the positive COVID tests. I am pleased to say that all those affected have recovered well.

We now have a visitor pod that along with on- site lateral flow COVID testing will enable COVID secure visiting to take place. [photographs and link below]

Visiting is now due to recommence on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

The introduction of visitor testing has been tried in other care home settings. We have only just received the lateral test kits and are currently training sufficient staff to administer and process these tests. We must anticipate some teething problems as this completely new process comes into effect and we ask for your patience.


Initially we will be booking two visits per day, one in the morning 10.00 hrs and one in the afternoon 14.30 hrs.

Visits are limited to one per week per family with a maximum of two family members in attendance.

The visits will be for a maximum of 45 mins but may be extended if visitors have travelled a significant distance.

We ask that you attend the site via the Lavender lodge rear garden. This is accessed from the rear field serviced by Redfield Rd.

Visiting process

  1. Contact the house direct to arrange visit. This can only be agreed by the Manager/ Deputy Manager. Please bear in mind the potential demand to visit from other families and staffing required for testing and visit supervision.
  2. Upon attendance you will be provided with PPE that you will don for the purpose of taking the lateral flow COVID test. This test can take up to 30 minutes and you can either remain with the testers or wait offsite. If you wait offsite you will have to don a fresh set of PPE.
  3. Upon receipt of a negative test you will be cleared to visit and you will be joined by your loved one.
  4. If you do give a positive test then the visit will not take place and you will be provided with a home COVID testing kit that you self- administer off site and post for analysis. This test is more accurate than the lateral test. You must self- isolate whilst awaiting your home test result.
  5. Upon completion of your visit you will exit the pod and leave the site.

We do realise the difficulty in not seeing your loved one at Christmas but we must continue with strict infection control measures. Visiting is  subject to continual review and may be suspended at short notice

Please rest assured our staff will try and make this Christmas extra special.

Happy Christmas.

Phil and Chescombe Team


Family information for lateral flow testing