Activities at the Chescombe Trust.

There's always something to do at the Chescombe Trust.

Chescombe Trust uses a person centred approach to
identify activities for each individual. These activities
may be occupational, educational or therapeutic.

We provide Day Service facilities which include community and life skill training with an appropriate level of support,
which is identified through an enabling Risk Assessment process.

Activities, which have historically occurred, include the following:

  • Day trips to places of interest + individual choice of holidays
  • Attendance at Further Education facilities.
  • Gardening and working on allotment
  • A variety of craft based activities
  • Cinema / theatre visits
  • Swimming at the Riverside club
  • Visiting local leisure centre
  • Work experience in a variety of settings
  • Shopping
  • Trampolining
  • Joshua club
  • Gateway club
  • Health champions monthly meetings
  • Service users forum monthly meeting
  • Monthly Thinking meetings for staff
  • Singing workshop on and off site

This list is not exhaustive, and varies frequently to reflect changes in individual interests.