Deputy Manager

Job Description

Includes job description, house duties & key responsabilities.

1.    Job Description Summary

    • The Deputy Manager is responsible to, the Home Manager, or any other Designated Company Manager
    • The Deputy Manager will carry out duties for their area of responsibility e.g. House & or flats
    • The Deputy Manager shall ensure site compliance with all regulations and legislation as laid out in the Care Standards Act 2000 and any other Legislation associated with care under guidance from the Home Manager and Registered Manager
    • The Deputy Manager will be responsible for the safe running of the home in the absence of the Home Manager.
  1. House- Duties and Responsibilities
    • Ensure the Quality of the service and the care provided meets with the regulations and Legislation described in the Care Standards Act 2000
    • Support the House Manager to ensure efficient administration of the home, including adequate records including preparation for CQC inspections. Ensure the relevant authorities are informed of any safeguarding incidents
    • Support staff to resolve Safeguarding incidents and to ensure all residents and staff are supported and as safe as possible
    • Support the House Manager to liaise closely with the local Authority Safeguarding team, ensuring they have all the relevant information required to ensure minimal risk to the residents and the public
    • Ensure the House Manager is aware of all significant safeguarding issues, and put plans in place to resolve them.
    • Support the Home Manager to ensure Health and Safety at work and fire regulations and procedures are adhered to.
    • Address any shortfalls in the quality of care delivered
    • Support the Manager to ensure the area of responsibility complies with Legislation and regulation that are applicable to its overall operations
    • Work with the Home Manager, Finance Manager and the Administration Officer in developing the appreciation and comprehension of cost effective practises across the Trust activities
    • To work with within allocated Budgets laid out by the Home Manager and the Financial Manager and the Board of Trustees for staffing and other expenses in their area of responsibility
    • Support the House Manager and the Board with Budgets and future financial plans
    • Seek the House Managers authorisation for exceptional transactions within the year’s financial year’s budget and any arising exceptions
    • Support the Home Manager to have up to date information on the staffing levels for the Home and the staffing needs relating to each resident
    • Support the Home Manager to work with the Administration Officer to manage the staff team to produce the Area of responsibility staff rota allocating duties and responsibilities as required
    • Support the Home Manager to monitor the Trust compliance with equal opportunities policies and procedures
    • Support the Home Manager to monitor the use of Agency and overtime and to develop strategies to minimise dependence on this resource, liaising with Administration Officer and Financial Manager
    • Support the Home Manger to recruit staff to ensure staffing levels meet the residents requirements and within the budget, liaising with the Administration Officer


  1. Residents – Responsibilities


    • To support the House manager to manage and ensure the safety and the provision of good quality care and deliver appropriate support needs for each resident. Oversee all activities in the home, developing ways to promote residents rights, dignity, personal choice and responsibilities
    • Work with the House Manager to ensure that Care Plans are written to include Medical or Local Authority budgetary description
    • Support the Home Manager and contribute to residents day to day activities, arranging stimulating experiences and encouraging resident’s participation
    • Support the Home Manager to provide information, advice and support to the residents and their families and Health Professionals
    • Liaise with resident’s family and friends. Support the House Manager to provide a clean and comfortable home and a safe maintained environment to live
    • Support the House Manager in providing a Healthy well balanced diet for the residents
    • Regular monitor residents weight to meet medical requirements or within normal healthy BMI limits
    • Ensure that appropriately skilled staff attend residents Doctors, Hospital & Dental appointments
    • Support the House Manager to manage all aspects of medical treatment for residents, administration of drugs, medication according to medical advice, medical appointments
    • To support the House Manager to manage and prepare and organise individuals care plans and reviews with Health Professionals and Resident Guardians. These shall be held at a minimum of annually
    • When required by the House Manager to attend reviews
    • At all times ensure the Health and well-being of all the residents in their care
  • Staff – Responsibilities
    • Work with the House Manager and the Administration Officer to ensure staff time sheets are completed and submitted on time
    • Respond positively/proactively to any concerns or complaints raised, promoting whistleblowing with an honest and open culture approach
    • Ensure clear policies and procedures exist and are readily accessible to all staff
    • Support House Manager to manage safeguarding incidents and ensure relevant authorities are informed and that the appropriate actions, policies and procedures are followed. Be aware of the occurrence and nature of the safeguarding incidents, ensuring relevant procedures have taken place (e.g. debriefing, training needs, Health and Safety checks, etc
    • Support House Managers to record staff holidays and absences
    • Conduct and maintain regular Supervision/Appraisal
    • Training using the CIS assessment tool tom measure the Knowledge of the worker
    • Support the House Manage to maintain and develop the expertise and skills of staff employed, in line with Skills for Care Training requirements. Ensure all staff have undertaken appropriate training and receive the necessary support.




Agreed by the Registered Manager and the Board of Trustees

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